Press Release – ITNJ Official Announcement

Judicial Commission of Inquiry Into 
Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

Two years have passed since the Inauguration and Ceremonial Seating of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice on 15th June 2015 at Westminster Hall in London. The event marked the momentous occasion of the 800th anniversary of the signing of the western world’s most ancient and cherished legal treasure, the Magna Carta.

The ITNJ’s inauguration saw dignitaries from around the world, international diplomatic delegations, and thousands of people of the world intone aloud the ITNJ Treaty through the halls of Westminster, heralding the dawn of a new metric for global jurisprudence and the return of a natural and just order on earth.

Two years on and we are very proud to formally announcing the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.

At a time when mainstream media is beginning to acknowledge institutionalised paedophilia, and as there remains an apparent reticence on the part of judicial and enforcement agencies to investigate or otherwise pursue the most disturbing cases, especially those which involve allegations reaching the highest echelons of society, this Commission is both timely and needful. With celebrated luminaries and influential people now joining the Commission’s ranks (as Commissioners, Justices, Advocates, Star Witnesses, etc.), those elements within our society still engaging in such repugnant and inhuman activities, especially those in positions of power and influence, will surely be paying attention.

To date, those who have been formally appointed to serve the Commission in a formal capacity include Ted Strong – Chief Justice of the Yakama Nation, Steven Seagal – Hollywood Actor and fmr Navy SEAL, His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El Assal – Bishop of Jerusalem, Robert David Steele – fmr US Presidential Candidate, fmr Head of CIA Clandestine Operations, and fmr Head of Marine Intelligence, Dr Cynthia McKinney – fmr US Presidential Candidate, fmr 6-term US Representative for the State of Georgia, Dounne Alexander MBE, Susan Lindauer – fmr CIA Intelligence Officer, not to mention our own Chief Justice, Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, and many more besides. The Commission has further galvanised substantial private support of key influential world leaders and political figures whose names will be released as appropriate. Security precautions have been taken and continue to be regarded as a high priority in this controversial undertaking.

The goal of the Commission is to achieve in 6 months what leaders and governments of the world have failed to do in centuries — shed the FULL light of truth on the true nature and extent of the human trafficking and child sex abuse pandemic.

The principal intention behind the Commission is not to instigate witch hunts or target particular figures, but rather to set in motion a culture which ensures the restoration of Truth, disclosure, reconciliation, and redemption surrounding human trafficking and child sex abuse. Until these subjects are dragged into the mainstream and formally acknowledged by media, society, and our institutions of governance, millions of victims will continue to be harvested into its complex.

The Commission will receive evidence from star witnesses in addition to accepting evidence, testimonials, and Affidavits of Truth from the public at large. Evidence will be weighed by the Commission during regular hearings spanning an approximate 6-9 month period. All hearings will be live-streamed to the world as appropriate whilst ensuring that no third parties are named. Findings and recommendations will be directed to appropriate enforcement agencies.

If you are not already incensed by the scourge on humanity which human trafficking and child sex abuse represents, then we direct your attention to the Commission Presentation prepared to highlight the most egregious cases we are aware of, and which the Commission proposes to hear.

To state our position on the sentencing and punishment of perpetrators of human trafficking and/or child sex crimes, be they individuals or institutional conspiracies: by virtue of its mandate by the people, the ITNJ is duty-bound to uphold natural law. Natural law is not so concerned with punishment and retribution as it is with the process of supporting restoration of balance to life. The Board of Trustees will issue a statement during the seating of the Commission stating its position in this regard, but we nonetheless make this particular statement now as a precursor to this invitation.

Those who are or have been engaged in the activities which the Commission shall be hearing evidence upon, are invited to declare themselves. Voluntary repentance is how this ends gracefully.

Neither the ITNJ nor any of its central contributors shall be deterred in this undertaking. The age in which destruction of innocence is an accepted cultural meme is now at an end.

In Grace and Under the Aegis of Almighty God

Chief Justice Dr. John Walsh of Brannagh
Associate Justice Ted Strong
His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal
Steven Seagal
Robert David Steele
Dounne Alexander, MBE
Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash
Dr. Cynthia McKinney
Susan Lindauer
The ITNJ Board of Trustees

15 June 2015