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In October 2000, Neelu Chaudhari Berry’s baby niece died in a Northeast London hospital under highly suspicious circumstances. Having been repeatedly given an adult dose of medication, the baby’s mother—Neelu’s sister—found her dead baby in the hospital morgue, her body mutilated and all of her organs, including her eyes, removed. Neelu’s shocking testimony speaks to the alarming levels of systemic abuse, corruption and cover-ups that go on within the health and justice systems in the UK.

For the past 18 years Neelu has fought hard to expose the truth and to seek justice, uncovering in the process, a staggering number of scandals within the National Health Service (NHS) involving the rape, trafficking, kidnapping, mutilation and murder, of hundreds of children and babies. A pharmacist herself, she has also acted as a professional witness and is currently assisting in over a hundred other cases of abuse involving churches, orphanages, schools, and hospitals.

Neelu’s public fight for justice has brought nothing but persecution upon her and her family, in what she calls state sponsored terror. She has been kidnapped, illegally detained, had her car and home illegally repossessed and was struck off professionally. Describing it as a global scandal dating back hundreds of years, Neelu claims that priests are traveling the world raping young girls in thousands of orphanages to produce countless more parentless children, who are then available to be trafficked for their insidious purposes. The evil will only stop, she claims, when the babies and whistle-blowers are protected.

Her testimony was heard via a virtual sitting of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse on 26th October, 2018 before Chief Justice, Dr. John Walsh of Brannagh, Judge-Advocate, Dr. Chris Cleverely, His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El Assal (Jerusalem), ITNJ Commissioner-Criminologist Carine Hutsebaut, and ITNJ Trustee Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash.