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Keri Burnor’s testimony reveals a long-standing agenda by the Jesuits to gain complete control over and/or eliminate the vast majority of the Earth’s population. Having sought nothing more than a life of prayer and devotion, ex-Catholic nun Keri Burnor’s innocence was shattered when she was sexually abused by the very priest charged with her spiritual direction. The priest was acquitted but Keri continued to fight, advocating for other victims of clergy abuse and assisting with many high profile cases.

When extreme symptoms resulted after minor surgery, Keri suspected that she was being targeted and underwent a series of tests. The tests showed her body to be emitting radio signals produced by military-grade nanotechnology. She then underwent an intensive detoxification process and was able to rid her body of the microwave particles, but time and again found they had been reintroduced. She provides documented evidence to show that nine such attempts have been made on her life, but she is currently clear of any symptoms.

Keri explains that these nanoparticles can be remotely activated to cause diseases such as cancer; and for such purposes as controlling and monitoring brain and bodily functions, controlling behaviour, and for listening in on conversations. Keri also presents documents claiming an already high saturation of nanoparticles in our food and water supplies, in the air we breathe, and in the products we use.

Keri shares her incredible story as a “beacon of hope for those who feel there is no hope against these weaponized technologies,” stating: “Love is the only way out.” Her testimony was heard via a virtual sitting of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse on 14th September, 2018 before Judge-Advocate, Dr. Chris Cleverely, ITNJ Commissioner Justin Walker, and ITNJ Trustees Janie Rayne and Connie Broussard.