Truth and Reconciliation is a function of the Tribunal that seeks to create a peaceful environment for those who have caused harm to meet with those they have harmed in order to reach a mutual agreement.  Formal guidelines are being drafted and will be posted on the website as soon as they are ready.

Just as we envision ITNJ courtrooms operating all over the world, we also envision Truth and Reconciliation hearings all over the world.  Over the last several hundreds of years, the violence and force done to People and Planet is so great that it would take thousands of courts running non-stop for decades to prosecute all the atrocities.  We want the atrocities to stop, and to that end, we need to focus not on violence and revenge but on remedy and restitution.  Truth and reconciliation programs allow those who were swept up into working for corrupt systems to come forward and ask for amnesty.  We offer a blueprint for the People of the World to stop the harms being done in their own communities and do what is needed to restore peace and justice.

Many who have been accessory to violations of human rights were either deceived or coerced into the actions they took, and thus should not be treated the same way as those who consciously chose to commit harm of their own volition.