“The pine cone motif in ITNJ’s logo denotes the pineal gland in homo sapiens.  It is the organ within the human brain which connects our mechanical intelligence to our meta~intelligence, ie:  our capacity to see outside the box, ergo to step outside the proverbial matrix.  It is therefore the anchor point of our consciousness to the heavenly realms.

The language of law (legalese) has been, and continues to be, a veiled language, by its very design.  The (mis)use of words and meanings equates to spellbinding.  The ritualised majick that law has been subverted toward has not served humankind, but has contrarily conspired to delude us from our higher expression.

The ITNJ is breaking these invisible bonds and re-purposing the language of law.  It is reclaiming jurisprudence and restoring the foundational axis of Trust and Equity.

The ‘figure of eight’ symbol on the lateral plane in the ITNJ logo alludes to the cycle of infinity.  This denotes an absolutist approach by the ITNJ to pure-truth.  Pure-truth is not by degrees, and where it is enshrined will ever serve to anchor the heavens to the causal realm.”

~  Sacha Stone, Founder