Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

and the June, 2019 Indonesia 2-day Seating:

Weaponization of the Biosphere

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Vision A world in which the Earth is honoured; Truth is spoken; Love is the basis of all action; and Justice is an organic, self-fulfilling function of respect for natural law Mission To apprehend the abuses and tyranny of systems and institutions; restore truth and reason to the delivery of justice in the world; and uphold natural justice as the foundational tenet of human expression beyond the artifice of borders and boundaries

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In August, 2011, Humanitad Foundation established a Law Commission to serve as international observers for the trial of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who at the time was facing the threat of assassination. This was the seed for a series of discussions which would ultimately lead to the formation of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. On 14th February 2015, the ITNJ was
established by mandate of the people.
History was made.
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Then on 15th June 2015, on the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, we made it official… Members of parliament and dignitaries from across Europe and beyond turned out to ring loud this new metric through the halls of Westminster – birthing, at last, the world’s first court of natural justice committed to the restoration of truth and reason to the delivery of justice in the world. Watch the ratification event The ITNJ began receiving applications for major landmark cases tackling government and judicial corruption, the global mortgage fraud, systemic child abuse, and others… but after several preliminary hearings, the UZA case was put on hold, and the NCPA case was withdrawn, seemingly due to vested interests who sought to derail the noble undertaking. Review the NCPA case history Now, learning from experience, the ITNJ is re-birthing itself, focusing its efforts, not on specific cases, but on Judicial Commissions of Inquiry to bring important truths to mainstream awareness and issue judicial declarations on the most significant global injustices for the first time. The greatest injustice of our time is widespread human trafficking and child sex abuse, and evidence is now mounting that this injustice may be far more sinister than before shared in the public domain, and lead to the highest reaches of religious, secular and governmental world leadership. Announcing the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Support the Judicial Commission of Inquiry Stay tuned....

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